Removing apps from the App Store

I have removed the all my personal apps from App Store due to iOS 10 compatibility bugs and the fact that even if an app is free it will still require answering support requests from users.

One of the apps, Fillups, has some UI issues when opened on iOS 10 because of some CALayer hacks from iOS 7, and another, Anagrammatic, which made use of OpenCV to OCR LetterPress boards, isn't compiling with Xcode 8. Though, I am glad they were written in Objective-C, because then I'd probably have upgrading to the new Swift syntax as another issue with them.

I did have some new features in the works for Fillups such as CloudKit syncing and a CSV importer that didn't require the file to be pre-formatted in a particular way (which competitors currently require). Also, I had thought about charging for the apps, but decided against that when the team behind Vesper announced they are shutting down.

I might give the App Store another go if I decide to build something that would work with the ad-driven or subscription-driven model.

By the way, I open sourced the first draft of the CSV Importer feature (in Swift) that was going to go in to Fillups, and my first stab at an anagrams solver is also open sourced.