The Udacity iOS Development Nanodegree

I started auditing the first course in the Udacity Swift/iOS Nanodegree to get a feel for the concept, because I like the Nanodegree pitch: Leading »

BSD Resources for New Users

Yesterday, Digitial Ocean launched support for FreeBSD on their cloud platform. They also launched a lot of FreeBSD content on their tutorials website, including a seven-part »

Automation instead of Documentation when Provisioning Servers

Chef and Puppet each have a bit of a learning curve, and if you only need to provision a few servers, you might think the effort »

How to create a bootable flash drive on OS X

On OS X, a few built-in terminal commands can be used to create a bootable flash drive from an ISO disk image (like a that of »

Big Ruby Conf 2014 Notes

Confreaks now has the Big Ruby 2014 videos available for viewing. Harry Potter and the Legacy Codebase is a good watch. "Think of working with legacy »